Heritage Village has a Community Garden where local school groups come to learn and garden in a plot they have cultivated and planted.   Every Monday morning the children and their moms gather in  period costume to work their Children’s Garden.   It is a fun time outdoors as they see and discover what may have grown from week to week.  They are joined by local volunteer Master Gardeners. They learn about what crops would grow in a Northern climate where temperatures and a short growing season are a challenge.  The children end their Monday morning gardening with a snack of fresh vegetables they have grown.   It is always enjoyable to see them try the things they have grown and remark how fresh they taste.   

Farms of the 1880’s had kitchen gardens where fresh vegetables and herbs were grown for cooking.  Local families used the gardens to supplement their tables in difficult times. The garden at Heritage Village was established in 2009 and is a reconstruction of a typical Mackinaw kitchen garden.  The fence around it is built of sticks and is tall enough to keep deer out.  We also have an old fashioned bean pole that looks like a tee-pee and is a replica of one used in Mackinaw City.  It would have had climbing vegetables planted on the inside with easy access to harvest and tend the plants. 

The Community Garden has been very popular with the Community as well providing gardening plots to others who come to enjoy the outdoors with their neighbors and collect their freshly grown vegetables as a bonus.  ​