Our Board of Directors
Larry Flynn           President 

Keith Knecht         Vice President
Angie Morthland   Secretary 
Donna Falor         Treasure 
Bill Marvin             Past President 
MaryAnn Moore
LeeAnn Ewer
Patrick Smyth 

Greg Harwick  

Roy Cole

Open daylight hours 365, variety of trails to explore too! Free Park!
Visiting the Era of Great Change! 1880-1917

When candles were extinguished by electric light, horses were replaced by automobiles, airplanes flew in the sky and railroads were king!

For tours conducted by docents we are open Sundays 10-2  and Wednesdays 6-8 PM (New in 2022)  June-Sept. 

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Mackinaw Area Historical Society

PO Box 999

Mackinaw City, MI  49701 US



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