Shortly after sunrise on Monday, October 22, 2012, a new cross, built by Bud Stone and virtually identical to the old one, was installed on the church by local builder Dennis Flemming, with a welcome assist by the Mackinaw City Fire Department.

After a blessing by Pastor David Wallis of the Church of the Straits, the cross was guided into place from the ground by Bill Marvin, past president of the Mackinaw Area Historical Society.

Dennis Flemming guided the cross through a hole in the roof to a rafter for attachment below. Flemming donated much of his time constructing a new annex to the front of the church. The rest of the structure is unchanged.

Like the original, the new cross has not been painted, stained, or treated with chemicals but has been left to weather with the elements. The planking on the roof of the front annex was removed after installation of the cross